Equity in AI Guide

In the age of advancing AI technology, prioritizing equity is crucial.

Despite AI's potential to enhance education, there are risks of unintentional bias. This guide offers tools for clear problem definition and stakeholder engagement to mitigate such risks.

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Explore equity considerations and best practices throughout the machine learning pipeline

key functions of the guide

This guide offers a unique look at AI development by centering equity throughout the development process.

Explore the guide
Concrete examples and tools for prioritizing equity in AI development.
Support for development teams to mitigate bias and understand equity implications.
A resource for designing, developing, and evaluating AI systems in education with equity in mind.
Facilitation of community engagement among stakeholders interested in promoting equity in AI education.
Next steps
We can support you throughout your development journey. Contact us so we can make AI more equitable together.
Strategy and Ideation

We help define your equity priorities throughout your AI project lifecycle.

AI Literacy and Education

We deliver end-user education & AI literacy campaigns.

User Testing

Create an end user experience with equity at the center.

Stakeholder Engagement

We broker co-design relationships to inform equity-aligned solutions.

Transparent Documentation

Develop transparent documentation during model development and beyond.

AI-Powered Solutions

Solve your business challenges with bespoke AI solutions.

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