Innovation Strategy for Everyone

A woman-owned and operated firm delivering tech-enabled, data-driven, sophisticated, sustainable and equitable strategies for social impact.

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Since 2020, we have served 50+ organizations, won our clients 200M in impact investment, and transformed technology strategy for 17 institutions.
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We aren’t management consultants. We are architects of a better future.

We’re unapologetically progressive, agile, and innovative. We disrupt the systems, programs and strategies that hold organizations back, and design new ways of working to help them achieve their goals. We strike the balance between meeting the needs of stakeholders, and staying true to values. We help institutions grow, stay relevant, and become resilient.


We are a full-service social impact consulting firm that leverages equity-aligned technology as a solution. We work at the intersection of technology, strategy, and justice.

Research, Testing,
& Development

Equity-minded design of research, A/B testing, and UX to create bold, precise and culturally-sustaining products.


Convert your complex, intractable problems to clearly articulated solutions for immediate and sustained impact.

Culture & Change Management

Design equitable programs and processes, cultivate cultural competency and advance an inclusive perspective to critical work.

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