Innovation Strategy for Everyone

A woman-owned and operated firm delivering data-driven, sustainable, sophisticated and equitable strategies to medicine, technology, and education.

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Together we have worked in 25 countries, built several institutional partnerships, and accumulated 40 years of experience across multiple sectors.

We aren’t management consultants. We are architects of a better future.

We’re unapologetically progressive, agile, and innovative. We disrupt the systems, programs and strategies that hold organizations back, and design new ways of working to help them achieve their goals. We strike the balance between meeting the needs of stakeholders, and staying true to values. We help institutions grow, stay relevant, and become resilient.


We bring expertise in global education, research and development, UX/UI revitalization, emerging markets, grant management, equitable design, and global collaboration.

Research, Testing, & Development

Equitable design of research, trials, A/B testing, and UX to create precise and targeted products.

International Health & Development

Technical assistance, growing in-country networks, and supporting the sustainability of programs and services.

Education & Innovation

Education products and services that serve all students helping institutions get to where they want to be.

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